It's nice to meet you!

Hi, everybody 👋 My name is Jennifer, founder of the Postcards from Mickey initiative which sends postcards signed by Disney characters to children battling cancer and other illnesses.

Thank you for stopping by our website! Here's a message for new and returning friends, to learn a little more about this charity project's meaning and mission.

Postcards from Mickey was created in honor of my dear friend, Jarred, who passed away in July 2018 after battling cancer on and off since age 2. We worked together in very creative outlets, from the school newspaper to lifestyle blogs and photo shoots. With his loss, I knew I could never replace him — nor could I find that type of creative friendship again.

I had hoped to keep his spirit alive in some way, and Postcards from Mickey soon became the perfect opportunity. The idea sparked two months after he passed, and just days before the start of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September 2018).

Since its creation, Postcards from Mickey has expanded in many ways! We can offer postcards featuring a range of characters, signed by not only Mickey Mouse but some of his pals. We also send to children battling cancer, as well as other chronic and life-threatening illnesses. (Everyone deserves a smile from their favorite character!)

How to request a postcard:
Requesting a postcard is easy! Just send a direct message to one of Postcards from Mickey's social media accounts, or send an email to PostcardsFromMickey@gmail.com. Get more details on how to request a postcard by clicking here.

Final thoughts:
Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has supported Postcards from Mickey, whether it was through referring a child, or donating postcards, postage, their own time to have postcards signed, or even to just share a post to their own page. Your support means the world.

Now let’s keep sending smiles!

All the best,



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