20 June 2020

Virtual Food Drive. #FeedHopeNow

I read an article on Twitter last night titled: Unemployed Disney workers walk away from food pantry empty-handed. It broke my heart. (Keep reading for the opportunity to donate.)

Twenty-twenty is the year none of us expected. Our lives have flipped upside-down since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some have had to reschedule their annual family vacations to Disney, while Make-A-Wish kids have had to postpone their visits indefinitely. Cast Members have been furloughed and are collecting unemployment, while some Cast Members have yet to receive their first payment — three months since they were furloughed, and are barely making ends meet.

It's cliché to say we're all in this together. But the truth is, we are. None of us expected this pandemic to take over our lives the way it has.

The article I read last night made me realize even more how fortunate I am. I've worried about a lot in the last three months, but I never once worried if there would be food on the table or a roof over my head.

As a WDW local, I can tell you firsthand that our tourism community is hurting. Badly. We need to keep the magic alive for those who create magic for us every day.

I've created a small effort to help our community — a Virtual Food Drive through Second Harvest Food Bank. While these times are tough for all of us, and we might not be able to give as much as we usually would, a donation as small as $1 can provide FOUR meals for those in need.

To put it in perspective, if every one of Postcards from Mickey's Instagram followers donated just $1 to this Virtual Food Drive, together we could raise nearly $800. That's 3,200 meals!!!

I hope you will consider donating to my Virtual Food Drive! Together we are making a difference.

💝, Jennifer

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