18 April 2020


Just because postcard mailings have paused, doesn't mean we can't stay connected through blog posts... Right?

The more time I spend working on Postcards from Mickey, the more I realize what amazing memories I have from Walt Disney World. From vacationing every year before moving to Florida, to spending most of my weekends at the Parks — and then having the chance to attend a year's worth of Disney media events for work. My relationship with Disney has grown to be something incredibly special. And with the Parks and Resorts being closed due to the pandemic, I appreciate it and feel more lucky every day.

I'm remembering again what it was like to wait for those annual trips. The excitement building up to the big flight to Florida, sitting between my mom and grandma on the plane; our whole family arriving at the Polynesian; taking the ferry across Seven Seas Lagoon with my grandparents; seeing Cinderella Castle from Main Street U.S.A.; splitting a Mickey bar with my dad; and of course watching the water parade from our room's patio before going to bed. It's safe to say, I'll never take my Disney weekends for granted.

My heart breaks for all of Disney's Cast Members who are at home, waiting to make magic for guests once again. But I know the time will soon come — when our world is healed, and we're all a little more ready.

After my grandpa passed away a few weeks ago, I've found myself looking through old photos more and more. I want to share a few of those memories with you.

You might remember the old MGM Studios entrance, or Magic Kingdom's 25th anniversary. I don't remember either, honestly — I was a bit too young. But I'll never forget all the magic Disney has given me and my family over the last 27 years.

More memories to come.


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