I shared this post to Postcards from Mickey's Facebook and Instagram accounts earlier today, and thought it's important to share here too. I wish you and your families safety and good health as our world heals from this pandemic.

This is the first autograph signing I ever did for Postcards from Mickey, back in September 2018.
It is with a heavy heart that I share this photo with you, as Postcards from Mickey is pausing all mailings for the time being. 😔📬

This has been a very difficult decision to make... Which is why it has taken me so long to come to a conclusion. But from the very beginning of Postcards from Mickey, from the very day this photo was taken, I have always had the kids’ best interest in mind. And with that, I know this is the right choice for right now.

Recent CDC study results show that COVID-19 can live on paper and cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours. While USPS has reported the company is taking every precaution possible (and I trust that they are) — the health of these children is not something I want to risk. I have no control over who, or how many people touch mail in transit; whether it travels nationally or internationally.

Majority of the children that receive autographed postcards from Postcards from Mickey are at a higher risk than any of us. Their bodies are ill, going through treatments, and often have compromised immune systems.

I never thought I’d have to make a decision like this — but I hope it is respected. I wish everyone well during this time, and will continue to spread a little magic with some Disney memories on this account. 

If you would like to request a postcard to be mailed when the time is deemed safe, please do so. I will still be addressing postcards to children, and I plan to drop them all off in one big batch of magic mail as soon as I can. 🐭📬

Thank you for your understanding. Stay healthy.

, Jennifer

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I am sad to share I lost my Pop this week.

Pop, the rest of our family, and I visited Disney together every year from the year I was born up until late last year when he was still able to visit the resorts. And while I have a lot of wonderful memories and fun photos of us on property, this is definitely a favorite — in our matching Mickey caps. Not to mention, he and Mickey were both 89 years old when this was taken.

I've taken the last week to spend time with my family, and catch up with distant relatives on the phone. Losing someone amid a pandemic is nothing imaginable. It's quite the mix of emotions, to say the least.

We won't be able to have a funeral service for Pop any time soon. It breaks my heart to not be able to give him what he deserves, but I hope to celebrate his amazing life of 91 years once things are a little more "normal" in our world. And maybe with a family dinner at Beach Club's Cape May, since that was his favorite. (A Navy veteran, he's always loved the ocean, the beach, and a good seafood dinner.)

Before Pop passed away we spent a lot of time together. I will forever be grateful for that, and get emotional even typing it. I'd tell him about work, my friends, and of course Postcards from Mickey — of which he was a huge supporter.

I hope to continue making him proud with not only this project, but with everything I do in life.

, Jennifer