05 October 2019

One Year.

Last month Postcards from Mickey teamed up with some online small shops for a donation drive in honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Anyone who donated to Postcards from Mickey during the month of September received 20% off discounts / promotional codes from Magic! at the Kingdom, Motley Kingdom, and Positivitees.

Together, we received more than $50 worth of postage and 200 postcards!

So, now what?! We need kids to send them to! If you know a child battling cancer or another illness, who would like to receive an autographed postcard — send a DM to Facebook.com/WDWPostcards (Postcards from Mickey), or email PostcardsfromMickey@gmail.com. Please include the child's name, proper mailing address, and a few of his/her favorite characters!

Thank you again to everyone who donated; and big thanks to Magic! at the Kingdom, Motley Kingdom, and Positivitees for teaming up with me for this donation drive. I am so grateful for your support.

I am thrilled to be celebrating one year of this initiative, and I look forward to sending smiles year after year.

, Jennifer

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