This past weekend we celebrated the end of the annual Passholder season (before blockout dates go into effect) with a Postcards from Mickey meet-up!

The meet-up invited anyone with an annual pass to the Walt Disney World theme parks to get together and get some signatures by Magic Kingdom's most loved characters.

One of my (newer) friends, Chad, helped me organize this meet-up with his following from his clothing line, Hundred Acre Hood.

We had an amazing turnout, with a tremendous amount of love and support from all who came. I never expected this day to be what it was. Words cannot describe the feeling.

I hope to plan another meet-up in the future. I'm not sure when, and I'm not sure where. But those who came to this event are some really special people — and I know this was just the start of new friendships.

, Jennifer

I said I would never start another blog after my friend Jarred passed away.

I've always been really big into writing, blogging, photography — but it wasn't until my last account that I really felt good about a project I was working on. I was writing fashion and lifestyle posts — and I had the best sidekick in the world, my friend Jarred. He took photos with/of me, helped me style outfits, gave me feedback on my web design. We were a great team. It was a vibe unlike any other.

But Jarred passed away last summer (July 2018). He battled cancer on and off his whole life, since he was 2 years old. And once he was gone, I stopped writing. I knew I was never going to pick back up with someone new. It's not like I would never let someone ever take a photo of me again, or I would never write a post again (Heck, I write for a living!) — but I wasn't going to replace him. That was our thing, no one else's.

I went through a rough patch after he was gone. Maybe something for another post one day. But ultimately I knew that his loss needed to bring a positive light, not only for me but for others.

With that thought, in September 2018 (Childhood Cancer Awareness Month) I created "Postcards from Mickey" — a project that sends postcards autographed by Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World to children who are in the hospital battling cancer. I started going into the parks for character meet-and-greets, getting autographs and mailing them out to kids across the country. Just a little magic mail to bring a smile to a kid's face.

My first-ever postcard signing at Magic Kingdom. August 2018.

I've always been a big Disney fan — my family actually moved here from Chicago in 2002 (I was 9 years old) to be near the parks, after annual vacations to the Polynesian since the year I was born. I definitely grew up going to Disney World more often than the average kid. And as an adult, I still have an annual pass and am always hanging out on Disney property during my time off.

Being able to have this type of access, knowing there are children/families who will never make it to the parks — whether it be because of their health, travel expenses, etc. — made me realize that this is it. This is my own way of spreading a little magic to those who need it the most.

And at the end of the day, "Postcards from Mickey" is something that Jarred and I can still do together — even though he's not physically here. Jarred was always there to help others, to bring a smile to people's faces no matter what he was going through. And I want that spirit to continue to shine bright and carry on.

This project is "our thing" — and it always will be.

, Jennifer

A photo I took of Jarred in March 2018, doing his thing. (Runaway Country, Florida Georgia Line)