September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I had hoped to host another meet-up, so we could spend time together in the parks — meeting characters and having autographs signed, all while getting to know one another even more.

While that’s not in the plan for this September, I’m so grateful for everyone who has come to a meet-up in the past (like February’s Galentine’s Day event!), and especially for everyone who has taken time out of their personal visits to the parks to get autographs on their own.

In lieu of a meet-up, we will be hosting our monthly Disney Game Night on Google Hangouts with a YELLOW theme. πŸ’› 

Anyone wearing something yellow will receive a bonus point. Note: Disney Game Night will be Sept. 2, at 7:30 p.m. WDW time. Please visit our Instagram account for the link!

As we approach this time of raising awareness: If you know a child who is battling cancer or another illness who would like to receive a postcard autographed by a favorite Disney character, please let their parent know about Postcards from Mickey. We hope to send as many smiles as we can.

"See" ya real soon at Disney Game Night!

I read an article on Twitter last night titled: Unemployed Disney workers walk away from food pantry empty-handed. It broke my heart. (Keep reading for the opportunity to donate.)

Twenty-twenty is the year none of us expected. Our lives have flipped upside-down since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some have had to reschedule their annual family vacations to Disney, while Make-A-Wish kids have had to postpone their visits indefinitely. Cast Members have been furloughed and are collecting unemployment, while some Cast Members have yet to receive their first payment — three months since they were furloughed, and are barely making ends meet.

It's clichΓ© to say we're all in this together. But the truth is, we are. None of us expected this pandemic to take over our lives the way it has.

The article I read last night made me realize even more how fortunate I am. I've worried about a lot in the last three months, but I never once worried if there would be food on the table or a roof over my head.

As a WDW local, I can tell you firsthand that our tourism community is hurting. Badly. We need to keep the magic alive for those who create magic for us every day.

I've created a small effort to help our community — a Virtual Food Drive through Second Harvest Food Bank. While these times are tough for all of us, and we might not be able to give as much as we usually would, a donation as small as $1 can provide FOUR meals for those in need.

To put it in perspective, if every one of Postcards from Mickey's Instagram followers donated just $1 to this Virtual Food Drive, together we could raise nearly $800. That's 3,200 meals!!!

I hope you will consider donating to my Virtual Food Drive! Together we are making a difference.

πŸ’, Jennifer
It's hard to believe we're already in the month of June — time seems so different lately. But the start of a new month means it's time for another monthly update. And I have a LOT to talk about!

I want to start this post by sharing some exciting news: Postcards from Mickey is almost ready to begin mailings. I will share a follow-up post with you soon, talking about safety procedures and some other thoughts.

In the meantime, if you know a child who is battling cancer or another illness who would like to receive a postcard — please reach out to me (Jennifer). You may contact me via Postcards from Mickey's official social media, or by emailing me at I will make sure to reserve a postcard to be mailed soon.

With that being said, it's obvious that our lives have changed drastically since the start of COVID-19 — forcing us to adjust to a new normal. The theme parks closed, and we began to stay home to flatten the curve of this pandemic. It seemed like the closures continued on... and on... But now we are just one month away from the parks' phased reopening dates (July 11 & 15).

As you may be frustrated with having to reschedule or cancel this year's vacation to Disney (or any other plans you may have had), I beg you to think of the children who have had to reschedule or cancel their Make-A-Wish trips. While we are all hurting in our own ways, these children are incredibly deserving of this once-in-a-lifetime visit, and unfortunately won't have their "wish" come true this year.

Give Kids the World — a local organization here in Central Florida that helps children receive their wishes — announced this week that the facility will be closed indefinitely, until a vaccine is in wide use. It is too risky for children with failed immune systems to travel and be in large groups of people, even if theme park capacities are limited. Unfortunately, yet understandably, this is the reality many families of children battling cancer and other illnesses are facing in 2020.

This news, on top of everything else that has happened this year, has made me remember how lucky I am to have had so much time in the parks throughout my life so far — and only pushes me to do even more with Postcard from Mickey.

And with this initiative's dedication to supporting those fighting their most difficult battles, I will move on to my next thought for this post:

Postcards from Mickey was built on a foundation of love. This initiative is all about sending smiles to those who need them the most. And as I said on its social media platforms earlier this month: As founder of this small effort to bring positivity to our world, I assuredly stand for inclusion. I stand for love, kindness, compassion, and support. Period.

What is happening across our nation and throughout our world hurts my heart. It is tough for me to even believe that we are living in the year 2020 and equality still does not exist among us. We need to strive to be better.

So as we start another new month, I encourage you to think differently. No matter your age, gender, race, or any other defining factor — think differently. Push yourself to think of what you can do, big or small, to make our world a better place to live.

Postcards from Mickey is not a huge initiative. It doesn't have a large social media following, nor have I hit many of my milestone goals just yet. But imagine, if we all made small gestures to make our world better. What a place our world could be.

Talk to you really, really, really soon with more information on the return of postcard mailings.

πŸ’›, Jennifer

PS - Postcards from Mickey is hosting weekly game nights on Zoom / Google Hangouts until the parks reopen. Join the fun every Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. (Walt Disney World time). "Like" our Facebook page for all the details and updated event pages.

And just like Postcards from Mickey's theme park meet-ups, don't forget your ears!
Today is Giving Tuesday, a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities.

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing our entire world — in both temporary and permanent ways — many organizations need our help now more than ever before.

This is our time to show support where we can. And while it might look a little different this year, as it's more difficult to show financial support, every little bit helps make a big difference.

I'm so proud of my friend, Kristin, who is registered to run the 10K race during runDisney's Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend this November. She is participating on behalf of American Cancer Society.

What exactly does that mean?
Instead of paying the standard race fee for runDisney's 10K race, Kristin is fundraising for the American Cancer Society. All money raised directly benefits the organization.

Kristin's goal, and fundraising amount needed to participate, is $675. Yes, that sounds like a lot of money up front. (And it is!) But just imagine: Postcards from Mickey has 780+ followers on Instagram. If everyone donated just $1 to American Cancer Society, Kristin would exceed her goal by $105+.

What if the race is postponed, or cancelled due to the pandemic? Where does that money go?
Because Kristin is officially registered/partnered with American Cancer Society, and donations made to her link go directly to the organization's website, even if the race date was changed or cancelled American Cancer Society still receives 100% of money raised.

I think that's the most important part about our current situation, and exemplifies the meaning of Giving Tuesday. So much of our lives is uncertain right now, like Kristin's November trip to Walt Disney World.

But what we do know, is that this money will — no matter what — go to a great cause. Until there is a cure, cancer can't put on hold or thrown away. It doesn't wait for anyone or anything, nor does it discriminate. Despite what's happening across the globe, people are still being diagnosed with cancer every day. And American Cancer Society can continue its support and research with our help.

Click here to donate to Kristin's American Cancer Society fundraiser.

DISNEY TRIVIA — Postcards from Mickey will be hosting a Disney-themed trivia night on Thursday (5/7), at 7:30 p.m. While donations are not required to participate, they are encouraged! Follow Postcards from Mickey on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

 , Jennifer

Just because postcard mailings have paused, doesn't mean we can't stay connected through blog posts... Right?

The more time I spend working on Postcards from Mickey, the more I realize what amazing memories I have from Walt Disney World. From vacationing every year before moving to Florida, to spending most of my weekends at the Parks — and then having the chance to attend a year's worth of Disney media events for work. My relationship with Disney has grown to be something incredibly special. And with the Parks and Resorts being closed due to the pandemic, I appreciate it and feel more lucky every day.

I'm remembering again what it was like to wait for those annual trips. The excitement building up to the big flight to Florida, sitting between my mom and grandma on the plane; our whole family arriving at the Polynesian; taking the ferry across Seven Seas Lagoon with my grandparents; seeing Cinderella Castle from Main Street U.S.A.; splitting a Mickey bar with my dad; and of course watching the water parade from our room's patio before going to bed. It's safe to say, I'll never take my Disney weekends for granted.

My heart breaks for all of Disney's Cast Members who are at home, waiting to make magic for guests once again. But I know the time will soon come — when our world is healed, and we're all a little more ready.

After my grandpa passed away a few weeks ago, I've found myself looking through old photos more and more. I want to share a few of those memories with you.

You might remember the old MGM Studios entrance, or Magic Kingdom's 25th anniversary. I don't remember either, honestly — I was a bit too young. But I'll never forget all the magic Disney has given me and my family over the last 27 years.

More memories to come.


I shared this post to Postcards from Mickey's Facebook and Instagram accounts earlier today, and thought it's important to share here too. I wish you and your families safety and good health as our world heals from this pandemic.

This is the first autograph signing I ever did for Postcards from Mickey, back in September 2018.
It is with a heavy heart that I share this photo with you, as Postcards from Mickey is pausing all mailings for the time being. πŸ˜”πŸ“¬

This has been a very difficult decision to make... Which is why it has taken me so long to come to a conclusion. But from the very beginning of Postcards from Mickey, from the very day this photo was taken, I have always had the kids’ best interest in mind. And with that, I know this is the right choice for right now.

Recent CDC study results show that COVID-19 can live on paper and cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours. While USPS has reported the company is taking every precaution possible (and I trust that they are) — the health of these children is not something I want to risk. I have no control over who, or how many people touch mail in transit; whether it travels nationally or internationally.

Majority of the children that receive autographed postcards from Postcards from Mickey are at a higher risk than any of us. Their bodies are ill, going through treatments, and often have compromised immune systems.

I never thought I’d have to make a decision like this — but I hope it is respected. I wish everyone well during this time, and will continue to spread a little magic with some Disney memories on this account. 

If you would like to request a postcard to be mailed when the time is deemed safe, please do so. I will still be addressing postcards to children, and I plan to drop them all off in one big batch of magic mail as soon as I can. πŸ­πŸ“¬

Thank you for your understanding. Stay healthy.

, Jennifer

#PostcardsfromMickey #SendingSmiles
I am sad to share I lost my Pop this week.

Pop, the rest of our family, and I visited Disney together every year from the year I was born up until late last year when he was still able to visit the resorts. And while I have a lot of wonderful memories and fun photos of us on property, this is definitely a favorite — in our matching Mickey caps. Not to mention, he and Mickey were both 89 years old when this was taken.

I've taken the last week to spend time with my family, and catch up with distant relatives on the phone. Losing someone amid a pandemic is nothing imaginable. It's quite the mix of emotions, to say the least.

We won't be able to have a funeral service for Pop any time soon. It breaks my heart to not be able to give him what he deserves, but I hope to celebrate his amazing life of 91 years once things are a little more "normal" in our world. And maybe with a family dinner at Beach Club's Cape May, since that was his favorite. (A Navy veteran, he's always loved the ocean, the beach, and a good seafood dinner.)

Before Pop passed away we spent a lot of time together. I will forever be grateful for that, and get emotional even typing it. I'd tell him about work, my friends, and of course Postcards from Mickey — of which he was a huge supporter.

I hope to continue making him proud with not only this project, but with everything I do in life.

, Jennifer
Happy Valentine's Day!

Last night Postcards from Mickey hosted an autograph meet-up to spread the season's love, by getting postcards signed by our Galentine, Tinker Bell, and our Valentine, Mickey Mouse.

It was a perfect night — new and returning friends, smiles, and (of course) fireworks.

One of the most meaningful parts of the evening is that Jarred's mom was able to attend. Jarred is my friend who passed away from cancer, whose memory Postcards from Mickey was made in. It had been years since she was in the Parks and met a character. There were hugs and tears, but a lot of special memories were made.

All of the postcards we had signed will be sent out to children battling cancer or another illness. If you know a child who would like to receive a postcard signed by Mickey Mouse or Tinker Bell, please visit our request page.

Want to see more photos from this event? Click here!

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